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Whether near or far, millennial or baby boomer, you are welcomed at Genesis Worship Center and can come to church dressed up or down. We are a church who loves everyone and welcomes those who have been turned off by church as you may have known it. Whether you have had a good or bad experience with church, you are welcomed at Genesis. We are committed to Christ and loving people.

Pastor Kevin

Pastor Kevin Darnell Hurd is a native of New York who grew up on Staten Island. He attended public schools and is a graduate of McKee Vocational Tech High School where he majored in Cisco Networking and Graphics. He went on to pursue an education in Engineering at DeVry University, but soon after joined the workforce to support his mother and family. Kevin continued to work in corporate America from about 19 years of Age to 25 where he ended his career working for IBM.

Pastor Hurd comes from a long line of preachers, one being his grandmother, the first woman Pastor on Staten Island. Dr. Mary E. Frazer has been Pastoring over 35 years at the Full Gospel Tabernacle (United Holy Church of America), where his mom currently serves as Lead Pastor.

He served there faithfully as a musician for years, before being called upon to support and assist various churches in building and developing choirs and music departments. By the grace of God, Kevin garnered a reputation for being an anointed Psalmist that invariably ushered these congregations into the very presence of God. He taught and trained many choirs and helped develop many praises and worship leaders. He believes Gifts and Callings come without repentance, and it is the anointing that makes the difference.

His public worship is the result of an inner work being birthed via his personal walk with God. Pastor Hurd released his heart to God writing songs, and in [2010] he founded the anointed singing group,

“Divine Commitment “, and featured all of the original songs he had authored to date. It is Kevin’s greatest hope that” lives are literally changed by the music God has given him, and that it reaches the World.

Pastor Hurd has had many mentors over the years, the late Bishop David Wallace, Bishop Tracy Henderson, and Bishop Andy Lewer from the Hollywood Full Gospel Baptist Church in Amityville just to name a few. In 2012 he met Bishop Lewer and a few years later joined his second location, the Queen’s Ministry. While a member at “The Queens Ministry ” Pastor Hurd was called to serve on various platforms as an anointed preacher/teacher of the Holy Writ. In 2015, at his home church (Full Gospel Tabernacle) he preached his initial sermon to formally acknowledge the call of God to ministry. He believes wholeheartedly in the word of God and seeks to be an Informer, not a Performer rightly dividing the Word of Truth. He has been preaching since he was about 12 years old whenever given the opportunity to elaborate on a theme. As a kid, Pastor Hurd would record himself having church at home preaching the Daily Bread booklets using his grandfather’s tape recorder. From his youth, he was known in school as a “Church Boy” even carrying his bible to school with him being a witness unashamed. Recognizing and nurturing the anointing and calling upon his life, Bishop Lewer ordained Pastor Hurd as an Elder in the Lord’s Church in September of 2019. Pastor Hurd has had multiple offices and positions within the church, which included some of the following: Trustee, Jr. Deacon, Music Director, Pastor’s Aide President, Sunday School teacher, and even the Usher board. Although he was a member of the “The Queens Ministry ” Pastor Hurd continued serving faithfully at Universal Temple as Music Director for 8 years pushing and supporting the church to the best of his ability.

While being faithful in New York City God was carrying his name to California and the Bay Area. In July of 2021, Pastor Hurd received a call from Bishop Matthews founder and Senior Pastor of “Genesis Worship Center in Oakland California. “Kevin being involved in a variety of ministerial endeavors prepared him to embrace this unexpected Assignment and call to Pastor Genesis Worship Center in Oakland CA. In September of 2020 he relocated with his precious pit princess to the Bay Area. Upon arrival Pastor Hurd jumped straight to work, Evangelizing, Feeding the Community, Addressing Community Concerns, Ministering to Kids in Juvenile Hall, Counseling, Preaching, and Teaching the Word of God. Say not yet, there are yet four months, and then cometh harvest? behold, I say unto you, lift up your eyes, and look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest.

Those that work closely with Pastor Hurd describe him as Passionate, Generous, God-fearing, an accommodating leader open to all ideas, all while staying true to his vision.” On The practical side of ministry, Pastor Hurd has become an avid ambassador for Healthy Living. He is the sole proprietor of a Health and Fitness business as a Personal Trainer. When not Worshiping or Preaching, he can be found Coaching ministry leaders and laymen alike in shedding the extra pounds, making better eating choices, and working hard for strong bodies.

While it may be said that Pastor Hurd has touched the lives of many, he is especially committed to raising his son, Jordan!

Bishop George

Bishop George Matthews was born in Houston, TX and raised in East Palo Alto, CA. As a young person he attended the New Sweet Home Church of God in Christ under the leadership of Pastor A.C. Macklin in East Palo Alto, CA where he received his biblical foundation.

Bishop Matthews holds a B.S. degree in Business Administration from San Jose State, a Master of Business Administration from Golden Gate University, and a Master of Divinity in Chaplaincy from Liberty University. Bishop Matthews has served in the Church of God In Christ and has held various positions that include Special Assistant to the Bishop, Superintendent, Jurisdictional Youth President and Jurisdictional Secretary. He is the former state youth president for California Northwest Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction, under the leadership of Bishop W.W. Hamilton, where he oversaw the youth departments of over 120 churches. He is also the former Youth Church Director for the International Youth Department of the Church of God In Christ where he established the first Youth Church during the AIM Convention under the leadership of Bishop G.E. Patterson.

Bishop Matthews is a certified professional Chaplain and has completed four units (1600 hours) in Clinical Bishopal Education (CPE) at Stanford Hospital, Kaiser Hospital, Sutter Hospital, and San Francisco Theological Seminary. From November 2011 till November 2018, Bishop Matthews served as the Chaplaincy Administrator for the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office where he oversaw 250 volunteers, supervised 6 Chaplains, and provided Spiritual Care services to Inmates at Santa Rita and Glenn Dyer Detention Centers. Since October 2018, Bishop Matthews has served as the Oversight Chaplain for Alameda County Probation Department, Juvenile Hall.

Bishop Matthews’s biggest accomplishment was when he established Genesis Worship Center in 2003. It all began in February 2003. Bishop Matthews accepted the call to the pastor. The Genesis Worship Center Bible Study was launched on Wednesday, April 2, 2003. Over 100 people attended that historic first service, and 53 joined the church that day. The word got around that the Genesis Worship Center was a place where dynamic ministering, teaching, singing and worshiping was taking place, under the power of the Holy Ghost. The Wednesday service became a powerful worship experience and an anointed Bible Study; and as it provided a foundation for Holy, righteous living and transformed lives, membership continued to increase. Soon it was necessary to look for a larger edifice to hold the services. God again made away. and The Snow Building at the Oakland Zoo became the new place of worship for Genesis Worship Center. The first Sunday service was held on Father’s Day, June 15, 2003, with over 400 people in attendance. On August 17, 2003, at the Snow Building, Bishop Matthews was officially installed as Pastor by Bishop W.W. Hamilton, in a Holy Ghost-filled service with hundreds of supporters and members in attendance. Bishop Matthews is the father of two amazing sons, Caleb Matthews is a graduate of San Diego State University and Joshua Matthews is a senior attending Sacramento State University and the Spiritual father to many.


In September of 2021, Bishop Matthews spearheaded a 2.5 million-dollar construction project that now features a new state-of-the-art sanctuary that doubles as a multipurpose room and 12 new fully furnished apartments. Committed to the betterment of Oakland’s community, Genesis Worship Center now employs 12 members of staff with annual revenues of over $1.4 million.