Bishop George Matthews

Pastor George Matthews was born in Houston, TX and raised in East Palo Alto, CA. As a young person he attended the New Sweet Home Church of God in Christ under the leadership of Pastor A.C. Macklin in East Palo Alto, CA where he received his biblical foundation.

Pastor Matthews holds a B.S. degree in Business Administration from San Jose State, a Master of Business Administration for Golden Gate University and a Master of Divinity in Chaplaincy from Liberty University. Pastor Matthews has served in the Church of God In Christ and has held various positions that include Special Assistant to the Bishop, Superintendent, Jurisdictional Youth President and Jurisdictional Secretary. He is the former state youth president for California Northwest Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction, under the leadership of Bishop W.W. Hamilton, where he oversaw the youth departments of over 120 churches. He is also the former Youth Church Director for the International Youth Department of the Church of God In Christ where he established the first Youth Church during the AIM Convention under the leadership of Bishop G.E. Patterson.

Pastor Matthews is a certified professional Chaplain and has completed four units (1600 hours) in Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) at Stanford Hospital, Kaiser Hospital, Sutter Hospital and San Francisco Theological Seminary. From November 2011 till November 2018, Pastor Matthews served as the Chaplaincy Administrator for the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office were he oversaw 250 volunteers, supervised 6 Chaplains and provided Spiritual Care services to Inmates at Santa Rita and Glenn Dyer Detention Centers. Since October 2018, Pastor Matthews has served as the Oversight Chaplain for Alameda County Probation Department, Juvenile Hall.

Pastor Matthews biggest accomplishment was when he established Genesis Worship Center in 2003. It all began in February 2003. Pastor Matthews accepted the call to pastor. The Genesis Worship Center Bible Study was launched on Wednesday, April 2, 2003. Over 100 people attended that historic first service, and 53 joined the church that day. The word got around that the Genesis Worship Center was a place where dynamic ministering, teaching, singing and worshipping was taking place, under the power of the Holy Ghost. The Wednesday service became a powerful worship experience and an anointed Bible Study; and as it provided a foundation for Holy, righteous living and transformed lives, membership continued to increase. Soon it was necessary to look for a larger edifice to hold the services. God again made a way. and the Snow Building at the Oakland Zoo became the new place of worship for Genesis Worship Center. The first Sunday service was held on Father’s Day, June 15. 2003 with over 400 people in attendance. On August 17, 2003 at the Snow Building, Pastor Matthews was officially installed as Pastor by Bishop W.W. Hamilton, in a Holy Ghost-filled service with hundreds of supporters and members in attendance. Pastor Matthews is the father of two amazing sons, Caleb Matthews a senior majoring in Aerospace Engineering at San Diego State University and Joshua Matthews a freshman attending Sacramento State University and his the Spiritual father to many.